When it Comes to Water Intrusions ~ Take Care of Minor Problems Before they Become Major Problems!”

“Take care of minor problems before they become major problems!” This has always been a motto that RJF Environmental Consulting Services believes in. So many of us neglect addressing the issue or make poor attempts at repair. This will inevitably cost you more money & time down the line.

Many leaks in your home may not present themselves until it rains. There are all sorts of places where water and moisture can penetrate your home from the outside like roofs, windows, walls, and even fireplaces.

It’s also important to remember building materials are very porous like concrete, cinder-block, and mortar and if left untreated.  Over time, water will seep through them and create more damage like mold or small and large cracks in the walls and flooring.

You also want to be sure you don’t neglect the lower areas of your home. Basements and other below grade areas are ideal for storage, wine cellars or additional living space.  This area can be a magnet to water and moisture damage and it would be greatly beneficial to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the space is kept moisture free.

Pay special attention that your gutters are installed correctly. Heavy rain and runoff frompoorly placed gutters may allow water to accumulate in the soil, creating hydrostatic pressure over time.  This can cause the basement to crack and leak which can lead not only mold and mildew growth, but to electrical hazards, insect problems and structural damage. The damage may look worse than it is and may be easily remedied.

Keeping your home properly protected from the elements will save you all around. On energy expenses as well as keep unwanted insects or rodents from intruding your home and the costly expenditure of a full mold remediation problem.

Remember the damage may look worse than it is and may be easily remedied. Do not let a small problem become a big problem…you may regret cutting corners in the end.